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Skagit River to reopen to sports fishing 10-17-2020

    Skagit River from Highway 9 to Baker River to temporarily close to fishing.   Action: Closes all recreational fishing. Species affected: All species. Effective Dates: From Thursday, Oct. 15, through Friday, Oct. 16, 2020. Location: Skagit River (Skagit County), from the Highway…
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Skagit River Fishing Report 05-11-2018

  WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE    Skagit River to open June 16 for sockeye fishing Action: Opens part of the Skagit River (Skagit County) for the retention of sockeye salmon. Effective dates: June 16 through July 15, 2018. Species affected:  Sockeye salmon….
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Catch-and-release steelhead fishery to open on Skagit, Sauk rivers

  OLYMPIA – A catch-and-release fishery for wild steelhead will get underway April 14 in sections of the Skagit and Sauk rivers, which have been closed to wild steelhead fishing for several years. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) made…
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Skagit River Fishing Report 06-23-2017

  WDFW amends fishing closure areas on the Skagit River   Action: Amends the area of the Skagit River scheduled to close to all fishing to include the river from its mouth to the highway 530 bridge in Rockport. Effective…
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Skagit River Fishing Report 06-01-2017

Skagit River to open to sockeye fishing   Action: Open a section of the Skagit River to fishing for sockeye salmon. Effective dates: June 11 through July 15, 2017. Species affected: Sockeye salmon. Location: SKAGIT RIVER (Skagit County) from Hwy….
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Skagit River Fishing Report 06-16-2016

  06/16/2016 – John Snyder – Fishing The Skagit  2016 Skagit River Fishing Report:   WDFW Fishing Rule Change   SALMON season opener in area (830) from Hwy. 536 at Mt. Vernon (Memorial Hwy. Bridge) to mouth of Gilligan Creek from June…
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