Skagit River Fishing Report 10/19/2018




A portion of the Skagit River to close to all fishing

Action: Close a portion of the Skagit River to all fishing for a day and a half.

Effective date: Oct. 22 through noon Oct. 23, 2018.

Species affected:  All species.

Location:  Skagit River (Skagit County) from the mouth to a line projected across the thread of the river 200 feet upstream of the mouth of the Baker River.

Reason for action: Based on in-season information, WDFW and tribal co-managers have determined that the coho return to the Skagit River is larger than the pre-season forecast. This increase in runsize has already resulted in an increase in the daily limit for recreational anglers and is sufficiently large enough to create a harvestable surplus which allows for additional fishing dates for treaty Indian fishers. A portion of Skagit River will close to all fishing to avoid gear conflicts with treaty fisheries on those dates.

Additional information: WDFW and the Upper Skagit Indian Tribe are working together to conduct orderly and productive fisheries for both the Tribe and the recreational fishing community within the Skagit. By keeping the two fisheries separate, the Tribe has been able to fish more efficiently, requiring fewer days on the water (around seven actual days of fishing time in 2018). State and tribal co-managers continue to discuss ways to improve the quality of fisheries on the Skagit.

Aside from the above closures, salmon fishing remains open on the Skagit River from the mouth to Cascade River Road (Marblemount Bridge) through Dec. 31, 2018. The daily limit is 4 salmon which may include up to 2 wild coho; release all chinook and chum.

Information contact: Edward Eleazer, Region 4 Fish Program Manager, (425) 775-1311, Ext. 109.




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